Discover Palm Beach Modern art festival

Photo Discover Palm Beach Modern art festival

The Palm Beach Art Festival is one of the greatest winter fairs on the Gold Coast of Florida, featuring masterpieces and contemporary exhibitions of all shapes. We can find different forms of arts such as paintings, photography, and sculpture including atypical works.

There are also renowned restaurants, VIP areas and other locations that offer a different experience. Bringing together more than 80 international galleries, this season of art and cultural events is perfect for all art lovers. At each edition, modern and contemporary works of art are distinguished by all exhibitors.

Artistic masterpieces for all tastes

The Palm Beach Modern Art Fair has several pavilions where everyone can make different trips. Within contemporary installations, you will find all the emerging projects stand such as painters and authentic sculptures as well as live shows. The Kabinett Pavilion is a section highlighting artists carefully selected by a jury and a dealer.

The Casting section is about the contemporary art video projection of the 80s and 90s combined with current visual communication trends. Graffiti Art offers some work by international artists from the 80s to today. The Emerger section represents talented young artists in full swing.

Coffee Talks is a space designed to exchange and debate diverse themes based on the collective interest in the art world. All the participants in this festival are better but here are some which will stand out among the long list of exhibitors for the year 2019: ­

  • Boccara Art ­
  • Flex Gallery ­
  • Irazoqui Art Gallery ­
  • Oliver cole gallery ­
  • Ik projects ­
  • Track Gallery ­
  • Trotta-bono Contemporary ­
  • Whitespace Collection

A cultural experience apart

Videos, performances, layouts and technologies: every detail needs to be studied. Indeed, anything that illuminates and enhances each work of art must be developed. It also encourages collectors from all continents to find their favorites and rare gems.

During this midwinter fair, each day is a show of exhibitions of singular artistic trends where art critics and amateurs stand out. This high-level art fair allows all visitors and exhibitors to experience an extraordinary cultural experience at each edition. Indeed, for each edition, new expressions of art still in the context of modernity are exposed. That's why we can say that every exhibition is a new experience.

A fair not to be missed

This large-scale festival is an event not to be missed since it is an essential place to meet and share. It is not only for artists or collectors but also for anyone who is interested in arts. The fair is open to anyone, even passers-y; it is especially for: ­

  • Visitors ­
  • Rich collectors ­
  • Talented young people ­
  • Art lovers and critics ­
  • Experienced and historical artists

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