A trip dedicated to art and culture in Florida

A trip dedicated to art and culture in Florida

Florida is a coastal state in the southeastern part of the USA. Florida is home to Native Americans or American Indian tribes. It is also home to immigrants from Europe, Mexico and Latin America, who have largely left their footprints at its culture and arts.

It is famous for its unique cuisine, featuring fried alligator tail, baked potatoes, and pit barbecue. Florida is a melting pot of diverse cultures and customs.

Florida, the State of cultural and artistic diversity

Florida is home to Native American tribes, who have had their unique cultures and arts. Their culture is highlighted by the annual Green Corn Ceremony or Busk and its rituals.

This ceremony is a Thanksgiving ceremony which is to celebrate the first harvest of corn crops in late July and in August. It is a four-day celebration with traditional and spiritual rituals. It is still practiced in the Indian Tribes. Native Americans start the rituals by fasting and dancing on the first day and night.

Then, they have a big feast with big meals and dance the Stomp Dance. The bloodletting ritual is one of the most remarkable rituals during the Green Corn Ceremony. It consists in having the spiritual medicine man scratch the participants' arms and let blood go. 

  • Seminole Indians or the “wild people” were famous for their unique architecture style. They lived in palmetto thatch. - Apalachee once lived in house-shaped huts the Florida Panhandle. Their huts were made of river canes, palmetto leaves and tree barks. 
  • Muscogee or the Creek were indigenous to the Southeastern Woodlands. They celebrate the annual Green Corn Ceremony or Busk, like the other Indian Tribes. 
  • Timucua once lived in the North and Southeast of Florida. Their culture was marked by the Apalachee ball game and archery.

Food culture and exotic culinary arts make Florida stand out from other American states. South Florida is home to different ethnic groups. Therefore, a large variety of ethnic foods marks the place. A typical restaurant in South Florida can feature food items from different cultures in its menu. For example, a dish from Cuba for breakfast, a French dish for lunch, and a Mexican dish for dinner.

Organize your trip to Florida

Florida is the dream place of those who are passionate about arts and culture. With its fantastic tourist attractions, scenic landscapes, the history of the Native Americans of Florida will keep you in wonder. If you have never met any Native American before, Florida is the best destination to go for you.

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